Explore all the beauty moav has to offer

MOAV Interactive Aquatic Park ATTRACTIONS

- Bull Shark Roping & Riding: You think you have the skills to be an underwater Cowboy, jump in, hang-on and pray...or be preyed upon.

- The Evil Blenny Experience: Pit your diving skills against the Evil Blenny in a one-on-one Cave Dive Match.

- The Killer Octopi Show:  Sure, Sea World may have thrown in the towel on using dangerous sea monsters as an attraction, but we haven't.

- The Jelly Fish Petting Zoo: Amaze your children in with the deeply moving interactive experience.  No wetsuit, No vinegar...full body contact, the way nature intended.

What separates the MOAV approach to diving from everyone else? 

Simply look at this absolutely not stolen or plagiarized joke to understand the MOAV difference.

Six exceptional diving instructors and their classes were on a boat that struck a rock and began sinking ...

The SSI instructor told his class: "Inflate your BCs and surface locator sticks, jump off and wait for the Coast Guard."

The YMCA instructor told his class: "You all had to swim 20 miles to qualify, the distance to the shore should be no problem, now jump in and swim!"

The NAUI instructor told his class: "We are the first and the best and the greatest! Everyone grab a woman in one arm and a child in the other and swim them to shore!"

The PADI instructor said: "Gear up and have a seat. There will be a extra charge of $50 each for this unscheduled wreck dive." 

The GUE instructor said, "See, even the BOAT can be a point of failure. Therefore all DIR dives henceforth will be shore dives!" 

The MOAV instructor said: “Pass me another beer, I told you they’d fall for it…”.


- Are you a college graduate with a degree in Arts that means absolutely nothing in the real world?

- Have you maxed out your 401K contribution while flipping burgers at McDonalds?

- Is yours dream of owning a condo in Miami not lining up with your pizza delivery job?

Start an exciting new career in "On The Spot, Great White Shark Dentistry".  The lucrative field of shark dentistry is only just starting to open up to those with quick hands and faster fins.  This course can last anywhere from 10 seconds to six weeks and is approved by the International Fish Tooth Foundation.