Nothing on this site should be taken seriously by any person, living or dead, besides shouldn't you be diving.

July  18

Watch documentary film "Little Creatures" in our studio.

June  05

See photos from Jules Vert's trip to the South Pacific.


Swim your heart away, we're going diving.

At MOAV, we know about the amazing connection that can occur when man goes underwater and see's woman. You can explore a whole new world, but that's not our problem, we're going diving.

What's New?


SEPT  17

Trip to Maui. Call our travel agent now!

  • Beginner SCUBA certification
  • Beginner SCUBA De-Certification
  • Semi-submersible basket construction
  • Customize your snorkel...submersible bong
  • Annual expeditions to Maui
  • Guest speakers and special events
  • SCUBA gear and equipment
  • Travel services
  • The Anchor Fish, flight or flight
  • Instructor certification
  • Partnerships with local surf shops


certified trainers, SURE WE ARE, TRUST ME.

Our staff of certified MOAV instructors can help you move from novice to advanced skills. Notice it said "can", I doubt we will, in fact I'm sure we won't. Classes, we don't need any stinking classes.

Explore all the beauty moav has to offer

OCT  21

Beginner SCUBA class. Registration required.

it all started with one dive

Derek ate his family on a trip to Maui in 1983 when his life changed. He discovered diving and knew the ocean would be the best place to hide from the cops. Today MOAV is devoted to diving more and posting less, and ignoring Derek.

Admiral MOAVRuss,  founder


None of the above services are even possible. Get trained by professionals, we're fighting the deadly Blenny.